Transforming the lives of thousands of young people is also the role of Liq. Being one of the largest formal employers in the country involves some responsibilities assumed by Liq.

The company develops and offers several programs aiming to train, motivate and empower thousands of people.

trilha de carreira liq

Career Path

The path to your professional transformation

Liq offers several paths for the development of employees in the professional transformation process. They can receive a promotion, a merit raise, and change area in a lateral movement. Whenever you follow the requirements and are approved in selective processes, you can move forward on the Career Path.

programa crescer liq

Growing Program

The Growing Program funds university degrees to Liq professionals

The high number of employees interested in attending higher education is a motivation for Liq! Since 2006, the company has been investing in the Growing program, which provides professionals with the opportunity to access higher education. The project has already reached 2,500 professionals with graduations funded by the company, and 60% of them were promoted during or after participating in the program. In addition to contributing to professional development, this incentive motivates and improves the performance of the employee in the company.

revelando talentos liq


The #RevelandoTalentos program is one of Liq's projects for recruiting internal talents in an easier and faster manner. The employee can access company channels and check the available positions in order to participate in the selection process and transform his/her career.