Liq Achieves Certified Great Place To Work

liq certificado gptw

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Acre unit receives digital seal for the second time.

Liq, Brazil’s leading Customer Experience Company, announces the achievement of the Great Place to Work (GPTW) certificate in recognition of the work of its Acre unit. The regional company receives the digital seal of the consultancy for the second time, which evaluates the performance and organizational practices of companies from all over the world, according to the perception of its collaborators. In 2017, the Acre unit was certified and also ranked the best companies to work for.

According to Cristiane Cé, Chief Human Resources Officer of Liq, the achievement demonstrates the company’s commitment to ensuring the well-being of its professionals and proves the high level of engagement with the company. “In an increasingly dynamic environment, the challenge for companies is not only to attract talent, but also to retain. And being one of the companies validated by the GPTW shows that we are on the right track, “he says.

The Great Place To Work program maps companies that adopt development and management strategies considering initiatives that ensure employees are satisfied with the environment in which they work, efficient processes and inspirational leaders. Through online tools for research and diagnosis, the consultancy measures, among other issues, what the professionals’ perception of the company is.

The GPTW certification methodology takes into account numerous criteria of analysis, such as Respect, Credibility, Impartiality, camaraderie and Pride in Belonging to the company. In all, the ranking evaluates the world’s leading companies, selecting practices and cultural actions that reinforce efficiency and well-being within the corporate environment.

The certification was obtained after the employees of the Acre website participated in a survey applied by the GPTW itself. The process included a questionnaire, with questions regarding the work environment and organizational climate. The tests are performed spontaneously and anonymously. If the company reaches 70 (or more) in the survey, the organization is certified with the digital seal, valid for one year, and can compete for the ranking of the best companies. In previous years, other Liq units have also received prominence in the GPTW classification, including the Paraíba, Ceará and São Paulo websites.