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We are all consumers We need to focus on the customer and not just the customer. This means analyzing the journey with the vision of the shopper and, with this, understanding the actual behavior of this "superconsumer" Continue lendo "We are all consumers"
Loyalty programs: a strategic ally to strengthen and build relationships In times of competition, a good strategy for customer loyalty is to offer advantages that surprise you, with perceived real gains, when making your purchases. Continue lendo "Loyalty programs: a strategic ally to strengthen and build relationships"
Data that transform the POS into consumer experience centers Fidelizing the current consumer can be up to 50% cheaper when compared to the effort to bring in a new customer. As Peter Drucker has stated, in order to survive and succeed, every organization must become an agent of change. Continue lendo "Data that transform the POS into consumer experience centers"
The new journey of the digital age In an era marked by the diversity and digitalization of the means of consumption, and by electronic communication increasingly more instantaneous, assertively attending to customers has required an additional effort from companies. Continue lendo "The new journey of the digital age"
The supershopper and his powers The consumer has never been as empowered as today. We are facing "superconsumers", with technology and social networks giving them new powers, daily. Continue lendo "The supershopper and his powers"
Sales Case Award winning sale - Sales campaign. We implemented a campaign to encourage sales of telephone products, especially in stores that do not have promoters. Sales are performed by vendors ... Continue lendo "Sales Case"