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The supershopper and his powers The consumer has never been as empowered as today. We are facing "superconsumers", with technology and social networks giving them new powers, daily. Continue lendo "The supershopper and his powers"
Sales Case Award winning sale - Sales campaign. We implemented a campaign to encourage sales of telephone products, especially in stores that do not have promoters. Sales are performed by vendors ... Continue lendo "Sales Case"
Trends and innovations in retail 4.0 The revolution 4.0 changed brazilian retail and awoke, in the brands, the need for reinvention in the point of sale with the use of new technologies, highlighting the importance of the training ... Continue lendo "Trends and innovations in retail 4.0"
Liq: Brand Manifesto Truth be told, what people expect is that brands improve their lives, make their daily life more uncomplicated, light, easy to live. That's what we ... Continue lendo "Liq: Brand Manifesto"
Digital collection and human eye for the shopper Information is currently an extremely valuable resource. Social networks and new technologies have brought greater engagement between companies and their consumers, who buy from sneakers to ... Continue lendo "Digital collection and human eye for the shopper"
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When the shopper leads his own journey The shopper of today seeks not only a product or service, but the attributes of his preferred brand, based on his lifestyle and often on his ... Continue lendo "When the shopper leads his own journey"