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Activation Case Activation Case - conceptual experience. We realize the attributes of the brand and its products to the consumer with a remarkable experience. • POP material; • Trade MKT (prosecution); • Training; • Leadership development; • Design of distributors; • Events; • Incentive campaigns; • Activations / Kiosks. Continue lendo "Activation Case"
The role of trade marketing in the future of retailing The demand for digital transformation and experience has transformed the retail. Understand what trade marketing has to do with it. They came to draw a scene where the shop ... Continue lendo "The role of trade marketing in the future of retailing"
Supply Case Trade Marketing Case Study - Supply. Performance • Supply; • Storage of the sales area; • Conquest of bonus points; • Creation of simulated spaces; • Assembly of new stores; • Unloading of trucks. Continue lendo "Supply Case"
Marketing Solutions Case The Share of Staff is one of the highlights in the application of qualification training for sellers in the categories Running and Soccer. Differentiated materials such as games and dynamics were used, making learning more effective. Continue lendo "Marketing Solutions Case"
Liq: technology and multichannel for relevant brand experiences Dynamics. All-line. Smart. Humans. Contagious. Our purpose is to be recognized as the best alternative for those who want to evolve the way to relate to their customers. Continue lendo "Liq: technology and multichannel for relevant brand experiences"
Infographic All-line We are the first customer experience all-line company in Brazil. We have online and offline solutions for your brand to offer the best experience throughout the entire relationship journey of the consumer. See the infographic below in which we exemplify our actions ... Continue lendo "Infographic All-line"