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Visual Merchandising Case Trade Marketing Case Study - Visual Merchandising. Performance: • Supply; • Space gain; • Creation of bonus points; • Application of POP material; • Assembly of Showcases; • Retail staff training. Continue lendo "Visual Merchandising Case"
Back Office Case With an intelligent Back Office solution, process automation and intelligent task distribution, we offer an innovative service tailored to the needs of each client. All this in the cloud. Continue lendo "Back Office Case"
2018 offers new opportunities to delight consumers The year 2017 was one of many transformations for Liq, which developed innovative solutions and reached a new level, uniting technology and human relations. This great change had ... Continue lendo "2018 offers new opportunities to delight consumers"
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Rio+20 Case Study Support technology and architecture for the Rio + 20 event in the areas of LAN, video conferencing, telephony, DHCP, DNS and support for computers, laptops and tablets. UN Conference on Sustainable Development. Continue lendo "Rio+20 Case Study"
World all-line and the new journey of consumer experience Institutes of research indicate that 2018 should be a year with indices of recovery in consumption. It will be possible to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Faced with this scenario, it is fundamental ... Continue lendo "World all-line and the new journey of consumer experience"
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Sales – Case of Success: Retail Challenge Migrate the operation located in another supplier for 10 years; Deliver the links within the agreed time frame; Run the schedule in the PMO model; Weekly check point; Ensure … Continue lendo "Sales – Case of Success: Retail"