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Special Chatbots: personalization – a delicate step Tailoring the chatbot to the public that will be served is a challenge. But the effort brings a great reward: the satisfaction of whoever is behind the line (or ... Continue lendo "Special Chatbots: personalization – a delicate step"
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HP and Cabify Action Already know about the action created by Liq for HP Brazil? Whoever asks for a Cabify in São Paulo (SP) may be lucky enough to board a "ballad" car, equipped with HP Sprocket, a pocket printer that prints photos taken by the smartphone on time. Continue lendo "HP and Cabify Action"
20/11/2017 , ,
Liq rebranding process Liq is a customer cxperience company, using online retail channels, voice, digital channels, bringing brands closer to their consumers. Society has changed, the market has changed, the consumer ... Continue lendo "Liq rebranding process"
How much are your customers worth? With the evolution of the interactions between companies and consumers and the use of technology as a strong ally to improve the relationship with this public, CRM and BPO companies ... Continue lendo "How much are your customers worth?"
The technological advance and the independence of the consumer in the journey on and off line We are consumers impacted by different brands at different times of the day, whether on social networks, on the street, on television or on billboards. But, what makes us choose a product ... Continue lendo "The technological advance and the independence of the consumer in the journey on and off line"
Automation as an ally in customer service The speed of the interaction between companies and consumers is increasing every day. If we go back a little in time, it is possible to remember that to interact with a company - ... Continue lendo "Automation as an ally in customer service"