Our Essence

We are a company specialized in relationships, and consider the complete consumer journey. With a human look and an all-line approach (on and off-line), we create intelligent, straightforward and consumer-centric solutions together with our customers, using technology and multichannel solutions as a tool.

We want to be recognized as the best alternative for anyone who wants to evolve the way of relating to their customers.

To get to know each one of them better, hover the mouse pointer over the items:
  • Dynamics: Empathetic. Flexible. Relationship expert.
  • All-line: Online. Offline. Present throughout the journey
  • Smart: Assertive. Uncomplicated. Technological
  • Human: Empathetic. Flexible. Relationship expert.
  • Contagious: Good talker. Positive. Contagious.

Our values reflect and guide behaviors and influence our decisions. They bring together principles and beliefs that the Liq brand shares with its internal and external audiences.

To get to know each one of them better, hover the mouse pointer over the items:
  • The best way
    is to create together:
    We create solutions with our clients in multidisciplinary teams.
  • Responsibility
    is non-negotiable:
    We have a genuine concern with our employees and follow the highest standards of corporate governance.
  • We are all
    part of the show:
    We value our talents to deliver the ultimate experience for the end consumer.
  • Consumers
    are always
    at the center:
    Technology is the medium, experience is the end result.
  • Commitment
    to results
    is fundamental:
    We are obstinate by performance, but respecting the consumer experience and the quality of life of our employees.