Consumer experience is the key to Black Friday

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Source: Opinion Meio&Mensagem by Marco Hermo, Head of sales, products and marketing of Liq

Dedicating special attention to processes and service channels is a strategic part of the loyalty work.

Black Friday is synonymous with sales. For retail, increasing turnover and revenue by that time has been an increasingly challenging task, given the advancement of e-commerce. In the Digital Age, to take advantage of the best sales opportunities, companies should take actions that go far beyond promotions and inventory planning. The current technological facilities allow customers to compare prices, services and after-sales in a very simple and real time. The key to success is undoubtedly work to improve the positive experience of consumers.

The integration between the physical and digital channels is an irreversible and frankly expanding process that will definitively transform Brazilian retail. According to Google, more than 85% of consumers search for prices on the internet before making their purchases through connected devices or in physical stores. Experts point out that the success of all actions planned for Black Friday depends on an effective attitude of the companies regarding the service. Whether it’s asking questions, checking prices, checking the status of your orders or making claims, consumers want a variety of contact options.

According to data from Ebit, an entity that tracks e-commerce in Brazil, 42% of customers buy from stores that provide information and multichannel support, that is, via website, e-mail, social media and, mainly, relationship centers. In other words, the shopper wants to have access to all the data that helps him make better decisions, with details on prices, deadlines, availability of inventory, indications of use of products, among others. Dedicating special attention to processes and service channels is a strategic part of the loyalty work and facilitates the identification of opportunities that can be adopted by brands in the future. It is not by chance that the use of leading-edge technologies to collect consumer information – obviously following data security regulations – has become a valuable source for generating insights that support the definition of sales strategy.

In this connected scenario, which requires the constant connection between brands and their consumers, the integration of customer experience platforms, including chats, telephone service, e-mails and purchase histories (online and offline), adds intelligence and assertiveness to organizations that seek new and better ways to attract and retain customers. In addition to the service channels, the sales fronts are also being integrated, as several brands offer the possibility of customers withdrawing merchandise in stores or making purchases according to their individual interests. With the help of specialized companies, it is possible to follow the whole shopping journey of consumers, drawing profiles and specific needs of each audience.

All this journey of approaching with customers is being made based on new models. Innovation is present in large companies and also in startups that together are creating differentiated solutions for the whole sales chain. These ideas involve not only the creation of products but, above all, the design of new processes that optimize the service to consumers exactly the way each one wishes. In the United States, there are several brands celebrating the results of innovation. In Brazil, this is already happening with several banks and telephone companies. Midsize organizations are also differentiating themselves by placing their products available for sale in marketplaces, optimizing structures with other companies and creating collaborative environments that encourage the joint purchase of various items.

Undoubtedly, Black Friday and Christmas sales this year will be part of the new “fital” environment, integrating physical and digital sales and service channels to get ahead in customer relationships. The day of customer service will increasingly demand the use of modern technologies, as well as the involvement of experienced professionals. The moment is rife with opportunities for companies who want to renew their structures and diversify their customer relations practices. Just know how to take advantage of them.

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