The 100+ innovative in use of IT – ranking

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Source: IPNET Solutions

IT Media, in partnership with PwC, unveiled the codes won in the 2018 edition of the “How 100+ Innovative in IT Use” award. The survey evaluates IT projects in the business of Brazilian companies. In the 2018 edition, 178 entries were received, of which 146 valid cases. Of this list, 100 were classified and 17 executives were awarded. João Mendes, CIO of Liq, was in 3rd place in the Services category.

Check out the full ranking with companies that have entered the list of “The 100+ Innovative in Using IT” here.

Also check out the list of 17 executives who took the most innovative trophy in IT use in 2018 in the category in which they participated:

Agribusiness and related services
1º Bevap – Fabio André Ramos, IT manager
2nd AC Protein – Pedro Emanuel de Araujo Mesquita, in charge of IT
3rd Adama – Luciano Lance, IT manager

1st Inter Bank – Guilherme Ximenes, chief technology officer
2nd Bank of Brazil – Gustavo Fosse, director of IT
3rd Banrisul – Jorge Krug, director of IT

Consumer Goods, Food, Beverages and Fumes
1º Natura – Luciano Abrantes, Director of Digital Innovation of Natura
2nd Seculus of the Amazon – Sidnei Barbosa, IT manager
3º Liotécnica – Leandro Michel Bocalon, CIO

Wholesale and retail trade
1st Group Dimed – Alexandre Arnold, CIO
2º Warehouse Paraíba – Francisco Augusto, CIO
3º Assaí Wholesaler – André Campos, CIO

1st Universe University – Helio Soares, director of technology and innovation
2nd Educational Center of the Salvador Arena Foundation – Walter Sanches, CIO
3º Adtalem – Luiz Alvarez, CIO

Holdings and Business Groups
1st CCR Group – Cristiane Gomes, President CCR AutoBAn
2nd WEG – Wandair Jose Garcia, IT Director
3rd Group Cornelio Brennand – Glaucio Araújo, Senior IT Manager

Digital industry – IT and Telecom (Manufacturers of IT products and services, Call Center, BPO)
1º Algar Tech – Silvio Roberto Right Passos, VP of Operations and Digital Transformation
2nd IBM – Rodolfo Linhares, CIO Latam
3º Embratel – Mário Rachid, executive director of Digital Solutions

Engineering and construction industry
1º Techint Engenharia e Construção – Marcos Bordon, IT manager
2º MRV Engenharia – Reinaldo Ferreira, director of IT
3º Cyrela – Roberto Nakamoto, CIO

Automotive, auto parts and mechanics
1st Renault-Nissan – Angelo Fígaro, CIO for Latin America
2º Nakata – Cleber Rodrigues, IT manager
3rd Continental – Helder Kohs, IT Director

Pharmaceutical industry
1º Aché Pharmaceutical Laboratories – Eduardo Kondo, IT executive manager
2º Sanofi – Mauricio Vieira, director of IT
3rd Abbott Rapid Diagnostics – Ivo Bernard, IT Head Latam

Chemical, petrochemical, plastic, paper and pulp industries
1st Gas Natural Fenosa Group – Flavio Campos de Moura, CIO
2nd FMC Agricultural Products – Vanderlei de Andrade, director of IT Latam
3º Braskem – Renato Blanco, CIO

Health (Hospitals, Clinics etc)
1st BP – The Beneficência Portuguesa de São Paulo – Lilian Quintal Hoffmann, executive superintendent of IT
2º Unimed São José do Rio Preto – Edilson Chiqueto Junior, IT manager
3rd OdontoPrev – Marcelo Galvão, IT director

1st Livelo – Felipe Pontieri, chief technology officer
2º Edenred – Luiz Adolfo Afonso, CIO
3º Liq – João Mendes, CIO

Insurance and financial services
1º Porto Seguro – Marcos Sirelli, director of IT
2º SulAmérica – Cristiano Barbieri, CIO
3º Rodobens – Marcos Adam, CIO

Public sector
1st City Hall of São Paulo – Rogério Brecha, CEO of Prodam
2nd City Hall of Barueri – Jonathan Randal, CIO
3rd Federal Revenue, Claudia Andrade, CIO

Steel, metallurgy and mining
1º Embraco – Marcos Casado Castano, director of IT
2º Termomecanica – Walter Sanches, CIO
3º Teksid – Wellington Eustaquio, CIO

1st Sabesp – Osvaldo Pazianotto, CIO
2º EDP Energias do Brasil – Marcos Penna, CIO
3º AES Eletropaulo – Renato Costa, CIO