Liq offers 100% digital service to League of Legends players

liq atendimento digital league of legends

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In one of the operations of Liq, the main customer experience company in Brazil, contact with the customer does not require the use of pre-defined phones or scripts. It is in a 100% digital environment, with interactions made through chat, email, social media or forum, that League of Legends (LoL) players from Riot Games, producer and developer of the game, get their doubts and improve your experiences with the game.

“Our goal is to support the relationship of the brand with the players, offering a personalized and dynamic service.Although the interaction is totally digital, the contact that is made with the player is quite humanized, with interaction adhering to the profile of this audience. Often, the players tell personal facts about their day, “says Maurício Leiro, director of Operation of Liq.

The “boutique” operation, as it is titled by the company, seeks to escape the traditional concept of customer support. The structure, which completes one year now in March, carries out around 100 thousand monthly visits, led by a specialized team of 70 professionals, divided into different shifts, which are available from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., every day of the week. “In addition to the chat service, our team also supports the support of social networks, mediation of interactions on Facebook and the forum of the brand,” adds the executive.

With approximately 100 million players around the world, LoL is one of the most popular games on the market, with Brazil appearing among the top six countries consuming the title.

According to Leiro, all interactions are carried out with dedication and attention to the main needs of the players. “In addition to using informal language, with answers that even use memes, our service is analyzed and classified according to customer-defined quality standards and processes. We offer a 100% omnichannel experience that enables integrated interactions through different channels and according to the profile of each player, “explains the director.

In some cases, even after solving the player’s problem, the attendance continues. That’s when the surprise factor comes in. “There have been episodes in which the attending staff sent one of the clients a gift celebrating the birth of their daughter and, for another, a handmade drawing,” says the director, noting that all the tributes are thought according to the game , including each player’s favorite characters.

One of the premises of Riot Games in relation to the service was precisely to offer the players an experience according to their profile, that is, digital and humanized. With the support of Liq, the company has achieved this goal. “Attending the player in a focused and differentiated way is part of our mission and we need this experience to evolve constantly because the player is dynamic, demanding and deserves an objective service and a complete solution to their needs. knows the game and uses the same language as the players, thus offering a unique experience, “says Diego Martinez, Director of Operations for Riot Games.

In addition to differentiated service, the structure of the Operation also completely escapes the traditional model. To be part of the team, Liq included two prerequisites: being bilingual and heavy user in LoL. Specific knowledge of the game is required because users’ main concerns are about login activities, strategies, game phases, and complaints about players who are violating the Invoker Code or Terms of Use rules.

The operating room has restricted access, exclusive to employees and support staff, who need to undergo a facial recognition system to have the entrance released. The space dedicated to the service of Riot Games also has a room for employees to relax, including TV, sofas for rest and games. According to Igor Staub (27), analyst Gamer of Liq, the relaxation in the company is what motivates the team to dedicate itself more and more.

“What I do nowadays is a mix of work and fun.I’ve been a LoL player for 10 years and being able to interact with the players is a unique opportunity for me.I work and still make friends, with whom I can play in my hour free, “says Staub.

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