Liq attends 3rd Google Cloud Summit

This content has been translated by Google.

On 9/10, a Liq showcased the 3rd Google Cloud Summit, Google’s largest cloud-focused event in Latin America, which brought together averages of developers, IT professionals, and topic enthusiasts to discuss trends and Google’s new technologies and services accordingly.

Cloud computing technology enables the use of applications, software, and data storage on Internet-hosted servers that do not have to be physically in the enterprise. In addition to saving hardware investments, it allows users to access services from anywhere and anytime.

Nicolas Ramirez, Director of Innovation and Technology, Marcelo Caldeira, Manager of Development and Analysis, and Nelson Klaus, Manager of Architecture and Platform, attended the exhibition and Liq and learned good practices from large companies, as well as difficulties and opportunities in the process. of digital transformation.

“The innovative projects presented at the time were important to
understand what the market is applying to implement this intelligence, which faces challenges such as changing behavior and user culture ”, says Caldeira.

Remember that Liq has been a Google partnership since August, when it adopted the G Suite cloud platform for corporate email, calendaring, archiving, and more.