Liq attends the CONAREC 2019

notícia conarec 2019

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On 10 and 11/09, Liq participated in CONAREC 2019, the world’s leading consumer relationship intelligence congress, held in São Paulo.

In addition to being one of the sponsors of the event, the company was also present with a personalized space in the brand colors and a cozy lounge, aimed at the relationship of the commercial team with the stakeholders.

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On the morning of the 10th, Gustavo Panzetti, Director of Operations and Commercial, joined the panel “Relationship in an algorithm-driven world”.
In the debate, the director spoke about the strategic service process for
Custom products:

“I need to have people who know and know about the product when
receive the call from the customer. Strategy and service need
connected, and it is possible to perform a fluid process that
meet consumer expectations from start to finish, ”he said.

Relationship Innovation

On the second day of the event, Diego Martinez, Director of Operations at Riot Games in Brazil, and Cristiane Kakinoff, Quality Manager at Liq, took the stage to talk about the partnership between Liq and Riot Games, established just over a year ago. which resulted in the creation of an exclusive and personalized service for players of the League of Legends game. The case of relationship innovation became successful and was twice awarded in the
last months.
“Liq has allowed us to build a strong relationship with our players; a differentiated support that goes far beyond the service itself. In some situations, communication is done through emojis, videos and even poetry. These are actions that strengthen our bond with the players. And for us, seeing them satisfied is what matters most, ”commented Diego during the presentation.

Liq has developed the official app of CONAREC 2019;
It was possible to schedule visits, favor lectures and read news about the event.