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Liq attends 3rd Google Cloud Summit On 9/10, a Liq showcased the 3rd Google Cloud Summit, Google's largest cloud-focused event in Latin America, which brought together averages of developers, IT professionals, and topic enthusiasts to discuss trends and Google's new technologies and services accordingly. Continue lendo "Liq attends 3rd Google Cloud Summit"
Liq sponsors Power Analytics Seminar On 9/24, a Liq attended the Power Analytics Seminar, organized by the Standard Group to show the importance of data (analytics) in driving business strategy and business decision making. Continue lendo "Liq sponsors Power Analytics Seminar"
Liq attends the CONAREC 2019 On 10 and 11/09, Liq participated in CONAREC 2019, the world's leading consumer relationship intelligence congress, held in São Paulo. Continue lendo "Liq attends the CONAREC 2019"
Award: Best Companies in Customer Satisfaction On 9/2, Liq was recognized as one of the 100 Best Companies in Customer Satisfaction 2019 out of 6,500 evaluated by the MESC Institute (Best Companies in Customer Satisfaction). Continue lendo "Award: Best Companies in Customer Satisfaction"
11/07/2019 Innovation, Noticias
Liq is one of the five most innovative companies in the country Last week, Liq was one of the five most innovative companies in the country, according to the 5th edition of "Value Innovation Brazil". Continue lendo "Liq is one of the five most innovative companies in the country"
Client Award SA On 25/6, Liq won two new trophies at the Client Award SA 2019, which seeks to recognize companies with best market practices and make them reference both inside and outside the country. Continue lendo "Client Award SA"