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23/02/2018 Innovation
Serving the consumer is increasingly a role for robots Valor content addresses the growing trend of calls made by robots in call centers. Liq participates in the matter positively, as one of the largest and most representative ... Continue lendo "Serving the consumer is increasingly a role for robots"
20/02/2018 Innovation
Liq improves internal service Liq's award-winning initiative, during the IT Forum Expo, consists of the use of an omnichannel model, through service tools that can be done by voice or writing, ... Continue lendo "Liq improves internal service"
15/02/2018 People
Liq Qualifica forms 80 young people in Recife Project contributes with qualification and professional valorization of students graduating from the public network. About 80 young people, aged between 17 and 24, were formed in December ... Continue lendo "Liq Qualifica forms 80 young people in Recife"
23/01/2018 CRM, Innovation
Liq develops bots for text and voice calls The sector most impacted, initially, by the wave of bots is the contact center. That is why all the main players in this sector are mobilizing to follow ... Continue lendo "Liq develops bots for text and voice calls"
Artificial intelligence Matéria, published in the Brazilian Yearbook of customer relations, highlights that artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming industries and businesses around the world and also the relationship with ... Continue lendo "Artificial intelligence"
22/12/2017 People
Liq encourages innovative employee ideas Program recognizes employees for initiatives and projects aimed at improving processes. With the goal of making a channel available so that all employees have the opportunity to contribute ... Continue lendo "Liq encourages innovative employee ideas"